artefatos dialógicos

final graduation project in design at the superior school of industrial design of the state university of rio de janeiro in the year of 2018.


in the form of constructive design research, i investigate engaged and participatory design processes in order to create spaces for debate on gender issues through the collective construction of artifacts. to that end, i turn to the concept of conversation dispositifs as an engaging dialogue and questioning tool. i join concepts of design anthropology, participatory design and design activism to structure and analyze these processes and the use of the dispositifs in a series of meetings and activities. the project, as a methodological investigation, intends to contribute with emerging research practices and different forms of knowledge construction in Design research, and suggests an active political bias for research and practice in this area.

the activities that shape the project took place in three different moments. first, a small workshop in the university gathered five women in order to share and debate gender issues encountered in their daily lives. the women used objects and images to share experiences, triggering further conversations and stories. they mapped together the conversations using the material they brought, as well as drawing, writing and building more materials during the workshop.

the activities for the second moment of the project were developed in partnership with the feminist collective Agora Juntas and took place withing a popular course on feminism, with a group of 15 women. four sessions were planned for the course, each one suggesting a different activity / device addressing the specific goals of the course – with which the goals and interests of this project had to negotiate and coexist.

the third moment aimed to open even more the cocreation processes so far experimented with. to that end, a workshop was facilitated in three sessions with the sixty students of the first year of the design course, which also means the project was reaching for different publics (other than women / people interested in debating gender issues). finally, as the last activity in the project, an interactive exhibition was put together inside the university campus, showing all the artifacts cocreated during the project. design as to provoke new (co)creations inside the exhibition space and to trigger new debates, the exhibition aims to radically open the design process and foster a process of continuous correspondence – in a moment when closure and wraping up is expected for the traditional design project.

the full report on the project activities, as well as the critical and theoretical analysis on the research is available here: